Both Wim den Os, Sander Doeve as Jitse Doeve are EMCI certified Yacht and Ship Appraiser, additionally Jitse Doeve is also REGISTER appraiser VRT pleasure crafts & (Sailing) chartervessels / former commercial vessels and Wim den Os and Sander Doeve as such sworn by the Court .

We do appraisals for individuals, businesses (such as banks) and also for the Tax Administration, nationally and internationally.

A valuation is NOT a survey or expertise, a valuation is a fair value determination of a vessels value on the day that the valuation takes place. The vessel does not have to come outr of the water (if it is in the water) and it does not have to go in the water (if on the side), also does not need to be sailed with. However, it may happen that the appraiser want to test the propulsion system (if possible). For a good estimate, it is important that the appraiser can go anywhere on board that has good access.

On request, we also determine the liquidation value, ie the value on sale at very short notice.

For a valuation request you can contact us by phone or by email. If you send us an email, we would like to hear your details and the details of this vessel (type and model), where the vessel is and the timeframe in which the valuation needs to take place. You will then receive a quotation, without obligation, of course. If you decide to go with us, the appointment to do the  valuation will then be made by mutual agreement.

You can always contact us with any questions, either by phone or by email. Information with us is always free, we will inform you.