Registration in the official Dutch B-Ships Register (inland vessels, ex professional vessels and yachts).


This Register is also open for foreigners sailing around on European inland waters and if you wish you can sail as foreigner under the Dutch flag and you have, according to the Act of Mannheim rules, free access to all inland waters without any problem. (Off course you must have the right licence as a captain, according to the EU legislation).

In the Netherlands is no mandatory registration for pleasure crafts, so when your craft has a displacement/loading capacity of less than 10 m³ (this is total tanks capacity + total berths on board witch are counted for 100 kg each + ballast weight) registration for your inland vessel is not necessary but you are free to do so. For ex professional vessels rebuilt till "Living on Board" vessel and with a displacement/loading capacity more than 10 m³ is registration an obligation.

It is good to know that registration gives you unconditional juridical ownership, even when your craft is stolen and sold several times!

A lot of vessels of this kind sailing or lying in the UK or on the continent are still in the Dutch B-Register, sometimes still on the name of a previous owner, so you are not the juridical owner. When you send us an email with the branding number we look in the computer of the Register and are able to tell you how the ownership is registered. Mostly we can arrange the transcript on your name in the Register.

In our company Mr. Sander Doeve is declared competent by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, to register, transcribe or delete in the B-Register, even we able to see if there is a mortgage on a craft.

Registration is possible for every private person, doesn't matter in which country you live or where the craft is lying. Mostly it is not necessary that the owner comes to the Netherlands. It can happen normally by post or by email. Branding of the registration number can mostly also happen in an other country.

Questions? You can always get in contact with us, by phone or by email. We will give you a quote what it will cost when you hire us in this registration matter.