Experienced and Reliable.

Our affiliated brokers are active in the Yacht Brokerage for a long time. Sander Doeve, our "eminence grise" since 1972, Wim den Os from 1991, Jitse Doeve 14 years and Leon Dahlmans three years. Sander and Wim are originally "sworn brokers". Furthermore Sander, Jitse and Wim also EMCI certified.

EMCI certification

A EMCI certified Broker and Valuer is competent and trustworthy. He is well educated as a broker and has at least 4 years experience before he can take the brokers exam. Also they continue there educations An EMCI broker is up to date and active.

EMCI means: European Maritime Certification Institute (see www.emci.nl) and recognized as independent certification institute by "Loyds register".


Our brokers specialized in:

  • Broker in motor yachts and former commercial vessels such as: Luxe Motor, Dutch Barge, clipper, Aak, Steilsteven, Barge etc.
  • Appraiser (internationally recognized) from your boat at:
  • Determining the insurance value
  • The determination of the free market value and the liquidation value in the event for the purpose of obtaining financing
  • Determining the market value for estate and / or divorce
  • We are also available for you for working on cadastral registration or deregistration in Dutch or foreign ship registers and the transfer of ownership.


All payments that we receive from the sale of boats go through our third-party accounts. These third-party accounts are management in a special foundations which is legally completely separate from our brokerage businesses. The funds received will secure for buyers and sellers.